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A service oriented website for Provincie Groningen

The province of Groningen asked Eend to help them improve their website, putting the needs of the user first. Step by step I helped them towards a complete redesign.

Starting with two pilot projects, I improved several parts within the existing website. I created new flows and visual enhancements for applying for subsidy and reporting nuisance. Using an iterative approach I tested old and new concepts with real users and kept improving the design. Finally I redesigned the whole website: a new structure, visual design and accompanied them with guiding design principles for the organisation.

mock-up website

The new design is based on top task management by Gerry McGovern. Top tasks were identified and I complemented them with insights from qualitative user research and statistics. This resulted in a straightforward, no-nonsense, goal oriented website. Focussing on the top tasks that matter most to the users and getting rid of unnecessary clutter.

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